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Thank you for taking an interest in our products and we appreciate YOU taking your time to read our new blog!

The purpose of this blog is to inform our loyal and our prospective customers and dealers, of anything new and current going on with EIKLOR FLAMES®.

It will also be used to offer advice on our product(s), and to answer some of the common questions we receive.  We plan to post some how-to videos, starting with the way we suggest “How to Light or Relight your Pilot”.  Although we mention it in our manuals, we find we are asked this question often, so why not put it in a nice simple video for all to have access to at their fingertips, 24/7???  Yes!  So, please check back for that!  If you have any video suggestions, contact the lady at the bottom of this web page.

In the meantime, we wanted to go over some basics for your Eiklor Gas Logs System.

Remember folks, just like we humans need to take proper care of ourselves to live (hopefully) long and prosperous lives, your EIKLOR FLAMES® gas logs set is designed to live a long life as well, and these few tips will help it live prosperously:

#1—FOUR OR FIVE HOURS ON; ONE HOUR OFF.  Give it a rest!  We all need a nap sometimes, don’t we??  Gas fireplace included!  We’re decorative, not made to heat and as a general rule, control valves aren’t fans of heat, go figure!  The fact that our systems can throw out a good amount of radiant heat in an average sized room = BONUS!

#2—SOOT HAPPENS!  (It’s actually somewhat realistic too, and realism is the name of the game here, folks) Nature of the beast when a yellow flame hits a log.  It produces Carbon, which makes the char scar (or soot) you see.  Although soot may appear thick like black velvet, don’t be deterred as looks can be deceiving!  Just take any household brush (probably not wire) and dust it off!

#3—PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE!  No pressure, right? Wrong!  We are all victims of our gas pressure and our gas line.  Run it right.  Good pressure and good line.  You bring those, we’ll bring the fire.  We promise.

#4—HEY YOU!  Open your flue!!!  If it’s not going up, it’s coming in—Nobody wants to inhale that!!  And we bet you want to wake up in the morning!

Disclaimer (as there should be one, right??):

As we wanted to reiterate a few tips with added humor to increase longevity of your EIKLOR System, always always read your manual for extended information, visit this brand new website (!), call your dealer, and when all else fails; Call us.  We’re here for you.


With Best Regards, we are,

Very truly yours,


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